picoTCP is for the most part developed, maintained and fully tested by software engineers of the Intelligent Systems division of Altran Belgium. The source code is hosted on GitHub, click here to go to the picoTCP GitHub page.

Here's how best to contact the picoTCP team:

For commercial support

  • questions or feedback regarding picoTCP
  • our support in creating your connected device
  • more information about the featured projects
  • a port for a not yet supported architecture

Email us at

For non-commercial support

  • require help integrating picoTCP into your project
  • would like to have your picoTCP powered project featured

Make an issue on Github

T: +32 16 24 16 80 (Intelligent Systems Belgium)
F: +32 16 24 16 89 (Intelligent Systems Belgium)
Twitter: @picoTCP
Facebook: picoTCP
Reddit: picoTCP

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