picoTCP v1.6.2 released!

Version 1.6.2 of picoTCP has been released containing the following changes:

  • Fixed major bug in timers, when timers are canceled and allocator reuses the address
  • Several bugfixes in PPP module
  • PPP: Added support for PAP
  • Improved C89 compatibility: support for Watcom DOS compiler
  • Several bugfixes in TCP
  • Support for TCP LINGER
  • Support for TCP KeepAlive mechanism
  • TCP: ensure the socket is destroyed upon connection abort from peer (RST)
  • Support for Multicast IPv6 + MLD
  • Improved IGMP support
  • DHCP client: support for hostname and domain name
  • DHCP client: avoid adding nameservers
  • IPv4: ensure that broadcast frames are not forwarded
  • IPv6: Fixed forwarding
  • Overall TioBE TICS score improved
  • fixed bug when using picotcp-memory manager where the wrong pico_free was called
  • fixed compiler warning for unused parameter
  • fixed unit tests (IGMP, MLD, PPP-CHAP)


This new section of the release notes will provide information on where and how the quality improved. To determine these numbers we use a whole range of tools like Tiobe Tics, TAHI IPv6 tests, Pareon Verify... (read more about this in our testing article)

picoTCP v1.6.2 TICS quality score label

picoTCP v1.6.2 TICS quality score label

We're working hard on including all these quality goodness reports into our release, here's already a sneak peak:

Grab it while it's hot on our GitHub page or use the direct links below.

picoTCP-1.6.2.tar.gz or picoTCP-1.6.2.zip (2MB)

From now on, we will include a compiled version of the manual with each release, check it out on our GitHub page