picoTCP v1.4.0 released!

We just released a new version of picoTCP. Even though you can get the latest and greatest code from the GitHub master branch we like to make 'official' releases as well.

So what was changed since last version? Let's have a look:

  • Full compliance to IPv6 Specs RFC2460
  • Full compliance to SLAACv6 RFC4862
  • Full compliance to ICMPv6 RFC4443
  • Reworked IPv6 Neighbor discovery mechanism (RFC4861)
  • Fixed IPv6 fragmentation

This release has many improvements and full RFC compliance for multiple IPv6 components. This will ensure that your picoTCP IPv6 application can operate perfectly in any networking environment.

  • New dynamic routing protocol: AODV

It introduces a new routing protocol for ad hoc networks. We'll be covering this more in depth in an upcoming article

  • Unified support for Cortex M3/M4 
  • Explicit support for custom porting
  • TFTP: several bug fixed.
  • UDP: fix CRC calculation
  • Several minor memory access fixes
  • Fixed Copyright notes
  • Fixed coding style

Get it on our GitHub page, or use these direct links:

picoTCP-1.4.0.tar.gz or picoTCP-1.4.0.zip (2MB)