picoTCP v1.5.0 released!

Version 1.5.0 of picoTCP has been released containing the following changes:

  • multicast DNS Support
  • Service Discovery
    You might remember a news post about Zero Configuration Networking we published a couple of weeks ago. We're proud to say that Jelle did a great job and that this code is now part of picoTCP. Check it out and feel free to experiment with it.
  • Refactoring of IP Fragmentation
  • Improved IPv6 Neighbor discovery (full TAHI coverage of nd.p2 part 1)
  • Improved handling of DNS servers information from DHCP client
  • Improved overall quality
  • Fixed a few major bugs


This new section of the release notes will provide information on where and how the quality improved. To determine these numbers we use a whole range of tools like Tiobe Tics, TAHI IPv6 tests, Pareon Verify... (read more about this in our testing article)

  • Tics quality on 1.4.2: 85.6%
  • Tics quality on 1.5.0: 86.13%
  • TAHI tests passing on 1.4.2: 64
  • TAHI tests passing on 1.5.0: 244
  • Known critical memory access bugs in 1.4.2: 5
  • Known critical memory access bugs in 1.5.0: none

Grab it while it's hot on our GitHub page or use the direct links below.

picoTCP-1.5.0.tar.gz or picoTCP-1.5.0.zip (2MB)