picotcp V1.7.0 released!

It's been a while since the last release, but it has been worth the wait. With version 1.7.0 we're introducing these changes:

Too many code changes to enumerate them all, but the most important changes are:

  • 6LoWPAN support
  • Relicensed to GPLv2 and GPLv3
  • Improved example code in the README.md and clarified our use of a Contributor License Agreement
  • Fixed issues reported by coverity scan
  • Removed potential memory leaks (especially in case of failing mallocs, i.e. out-of-memory situations)
  • Many code quality improvements, internal refactorings
  • Limited hotplug detection support (currently only on SLAACv4)
  • Improved Bonjour conformance (not there yet, but getting closer)
  • Improvement in DNS response parsing
  • Various other bugfixes

For more, please run `git log` :-)


picoTCP v1.7.0 TICS quality indicator

This section of the release notes will provide information on where and how the quality improved. To determine these numbers we use a whole range of tools like Tiobe Tics, TAHI IPv6 tests, Pareon Verify... (read more about this in our testing article).

Source & Binaries

Grab it while it's hot on our GitHub page or use the direct links below.

picoTCP-1.7.0.tar.gz or picoTCP-1.7.0.zip

From now on, we will include a compiled version of the manual with each release, check it out on our GitHub page